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P.E.L Powder Coating Division

Our powder coating plants on Finedon Road Industrial Estate were purpose built to accommodate the significant majority of manufactured components up to 3.2m in length. Included in our coating service is online pre-treatment for aluminium and steel products which will give you confidence that your components will be coated with minimal manual intervention through one single, continuous process. The results you see are a consistent and long lasting paint finish.



The Pre-Treatment Process


The Pre-treatment process in powder coating is particularly important as it is used to completely remove all foreign matter that may be on the surface of the metal such as light oil, dust. As well as this, the pre-treatment process conditions the surface of the metal to create good adhesion for the coating that is applied. Thanks to pre-treatment in this way, application of architectural powders can increase the life expectancy of the coating by as much as 20 years.


Types of Pre-treatment


Phosphate pre-treatment is used on multiple metals prior to the application of the powder. The greater the coating weight of the phosphate the better corrosion resistance is offered to the component. On the other hand, the lower the coating weight, the better the mechanical properties.


We use a four-stage, online high pressure spray application on our pre-treatment plant, which comprises:


Stage 1: Pre-cleaner
Stage 2: Phosphate treatment
Stage 3: Running water rinse
Stage 4: Static conditioning rinse pumped to stage 3 for measured flow


These stages are important to gain the best possible adhesion to the metal and to prolong the life of the coating.


Chromate pre-treatment is used on aluminium and all of its alloys and is designed for the architectural industry. It is applied in a low film weight to achieve the maximum adhesion to the surface of the metal.


We use a five-stage, online high pressure spray application on our plant, which comprises:

Stage 1: Aluminium brightener etching solution
Stage 2: Water rinse
Stage 3: Chromate treatment
Stage 4: Running water rinse
Stage 5: Static conditioning rinse pumped to stage 4 for measured flow


Colour Coatings

We stock over 100 of the most popular colours in polyester and epoxy polyester and epoxy powders, as well as a variety of different finishes such as matt, satin, gloss and textures, giving you many choices at your disposal. Call us for more details!




Three, high volume auto-coat lines on site, we are confident that we can accommodate your requirements, on budget and within your timescales!